Parker's Cohort A Expansion Plan

Parker's Cohort A Expansion Plan
Posted on 12/01/2020
January 2021 CALENDAR

Please see the details of Parker’s Expansion to Cohort A outlined below:

  • All students in a hybrid cohort (Cohorts B or C) who are currently attending in-person learning in the school building 2 days a week, are being moved into Cohort A, and will return to in-person learning in the school building 5 days a week, starting on the following dates.

    • PreK & K studentsMonday, 3/8/21

    • Grades 1-5 studentsMonday, 3/22/21

  • All students in a fully-distance cohort (Cohort D) who are currently attending school via distance learning from home 5 days a week will remain in Cohort D until further notice, per Superintendent Anderson’s direction.

Please note, all students who are returning to in-person learning in the building 5 days a week must adhere to all social-distancing guidelines.  Students must continue to wear their masks (with scheduled mask breaks per their teacher), and stay 6-feet away from all other students and staff at all times.  The building will continue to be sanitized and disinfected daily, with the bathrooms being disinfected every two hours, and the cafeteria after each lunch shift.  All building protocols to support the health and safety of all students will continue to be adhered to (including one-way hallway transitions, specified bathroom/cafeteria/recess schedules, and designated arrival and dismissal posts).  Please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher, or contact the main office to speak with Principal Mainelli directly, if you have any questions or concerns.